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Open Rover Reborn

Open Rover has been a long frustrating road. With two young boys and grad school(Georgia Tech's OMSCS), working on a side project was non-existent. I am 70% through the program over two and half years and 4 of the robotics classes that I was looking forward to taking have not been added to the online circulum as I had desired. I petitioned 4-5 professors about when these classes would be added to the online degree and basically got radio silence. CS 8903 Special Problems is an elective but only 3 hours can be applied to any degree. My initial plan was too attempt to work out some of the hardware problems(of Open Rover) in a Special Problems class over the summer and then attempt to be the first OMSCS student to do a Master's Thesis project if the summer class bared any fruit. I was able to get a great advisor(Cedric Pradalier of Georgia Tech Lorraine) for the summer class and Open Rover was reborn as CS 8903 Special Problems class.