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major milestone

Back in March when I got the rover driving around, I was using my laptop, a Wiimote and ros python scripts.  

Over the last couple of months have written a C++17 library for communication data to the the motor controllers.  I have implemented all of this on the Nvidia Jetson TX1.  I have also upgrade all the scripts to C++ and ROS2 and with ROS2 - a PS4 controller.

So I have gotten all of this stuff working with the Jetson plugged into a power supply and I wired up an adapter for a small battery pack.  There was an issue with the Jetson recognizing the battery pack but that was fixed by adding a capacitor to the barrel jack on the Jetson.

So it was time to take it out in the real world.  There was a circus of errors just to get it driving around.  The door to my basement to too small so when I picked up the rover, the cap connection broke and I had to do some redneck soldering.  Snapped one of the legs, this was one of the old joints that I did originally back in the summer of 2017 with a borrowed welder.  I had to quickly grind down the joint and weld it up.

There is a bit more tuning with speed of the motors and the wheels might need to be tightened up a bit but I call this a major break through.