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Fundraising for Hardware

Now that I have proven that the motors can move the robot around in a controlled manner. I need a stereo camera for outdoor use and an edge processing platform to crunch the numbers in the field.

I am targeting the Zed 2 stereo camera at 450$.  I have an Nvidia TX-1 but the bluetooth driver right now to the PS4 controller grinds the whole processor to a halt.  I was originally targeting the Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit@ $800 (stretch goal) but Nvidia just released the Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit @ $400 and it would be a significant upgrade over a TX-1.

So I have a goal of $900-$1300 for the needed hardware for the next phase of development of Open Rover.

I have a been an embedded engineer for basically all of the 2000s and have collected a very wide array of hardware over the years.  I figured I would put up various bundles  of development kits to raise money for the new hardware.  Some of these devices might be available for cheaper just remember that you are supporting a fellow tinker/hacker/maker with their project.

First come first service, email me(king.seth@gmail.com) with the interested package in the title.  Give me shipping information and method(cheap vs fast) and payment method (Google Pay would be the best.)

Here is a list of the options and targeted prices(shipping is extra) with pictures below:

Particle Spark package: 80$
Arduino package: 120$
ST package: 80$
Beagle package: 400$
Atmel Xplained package: 70$
Atmel Dragon/Misc Package: 65$
Atmel Sam 3x-ek Ice Package: 300$
Omap-L138 package: 300$
Renesas package: 50$
Gumstix package: 50$

Particle Spark with relay board
3 - ST Nucleo-64 boards
Atmel Sam D and C21 Xplained boards
Arduino- 2 Leonardos, 1 ethernet shield and 1 Mkr 1000
Renesas Package
Bunch of 10 year old Gumstixes and Robostix with CF cards.
Zoom Omap-L138 development kit
Dragon and Azure Sphere MT3620
Beagle XM, X-15, bone black with SD cards and USB wifi
Sam 3X-EK and SAM Ice with a bunch of cables/Wall Wart